The Primary Club is the cricketer's charity raising funds for the blind and partially sighted, founded at Beckenham Cricket Club in 1955. The only qualification for membership: to have been out first ball in any form of cricket. The club retains its strong links with Beckenham Cricket Club, the two clubs playing in a 50th anniversary match in 2005.

What is The Primary Club?

The Primary Club was founded in 1955. Following a less than successful game in which four members of Beckenham Cricket Club had failed to survive a single ball (known as "a Primary"), and after a few drinks in the bar, those concerned decided that their performances merited the formation of a club.

It was decided this club should raise funds for a charity supporting blind cricketers, and since then the scope of The Primary Club has broadened to provide facilities for many sports and recreations for the blind and partially sighted.

With the support of the BBC Test Match Special radio team, and particularly the late Brian Johnston, the club has become known throughout the cricketing world.


How Do I Join?

The Primary Club raises money from joining subscriptions, subsequent donations and "fines" (e.g. for being out first ball). All administration is carried out by volunteers, ensuring that the maximum amount of funds is used for the benefit of the blind.

For more information about The Primary Club please follow the link to The Primary Club Website, or write to The Primary Club, PO Box 12121, London, NW1 9WS. Registered Charity No 28528